How to Easily Manage Customer Data Across Multiple Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if customer data management were easy? Are you longing for a world where your contact’s email, conversion date, and who on your team spoke with them last are readily accessible?

Benefits of Customer Data Management

Customer data is one of the most valuable assets in your organization. Intelligent customer data management will improve your customer experience and ultimately help your business grow and increase revenue. See of biggest benefits of customer data management below.

1. Improved Customer Experience

Customers may interact with sales, marketing, support, admin, or billing when dealing with your business. A well-implemented customer data management strategy makes all your customer data transparent to all departments, allowing you to personalize customer interactions at every touch point.

In 2020, 87% of customers felt that brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience. CDM helps you do that.

2. Compliance

Depending on where you do business, compliance laws govern how customer data should be collected and used. An intelligent customer data management strategy will ensure that you remain compliant and avoid hefty fines.

3. Eliminating Data Silos

Data silos are customer data segments that are controlled or only visible to one department or business unit. Managing customer data facilitates data transparency and accessibility among all groups that need it. This benefits both the customer and your business.

4. Improved Audience Targeting

A seamless customer data management process is sure to make your marketing department smile. With all your customer data organized in one place, your team can make improved marketing decisions on ads and social media posts based on audience segments gleaned from your customer data.

5. Squeaky Clean Data

Establishing a precedent of customer data management benefits all your internal teams. Keeping the data your company frequently analyzes organized makes life easier for all your departments and improves your bottom line.

Where Customer Data Lives

Customer data may be stored across several different apps, including but not limited to your:

If these systems are siloed or disconnected, you risk inconsistent data and poor customer experiences.

For the most seamless customer data management, your apps must seamlessly communicate data back and forth.

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